The World's Elite Italian Private Chefs Agency



You can hire one or more of our top rated chefs for

a single event, or
for long or short term placements.

One of our Event Managers will attend the whole event,

in order to guarantee the full success of it.

All our chefs are Italians; they all are profound connoisseurs

of the most rare and authentic Italian delicacies,

many of which are jealously garded and

handed down from generation to generation.


Whether you plan an intimate dinner for two,

an important business lunch dinner, or

a great and original wedding party,

we have the right chef for you!

To hiring a chef, please send us an email

info@gourmax.it), providing the following information:

 - event type (i.e. informal or romantic lunch or dinner, brunch,
business lunch, cocktail party, short or long term placement, etc.)

 - date of event

 - number of guests

 - location in which the event will take place
(this can certainly include also private jet or yacht)

 - email address and phone number

 - name of the person to be contacted

After you have provided all necessary information,

we will contact you immediately in order to set all details,

tailor your ad hoc menu and create the perfect event.

Once all event details have been confirmed,

a 30% deposit is requested to lock in your chef reservation.

Payment has to be made through bank transfer.

Two or more days before the event
(depending on the complexity of menu preparation),

the Event Manager and the chef will carry out

a survey on your kitchen and dining room.

In this occasion, a further 40% deposit,

necessary to buy food, will be requested.

At the end of the event, the Event Manager will invoice you for

30% balance payment, and you will pay the Event Manager directly.

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